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Abrasive Entrepreneur Monthly Membership
Masterful Marketing -- Become Extraodinary
Costs $300/Month USD:  Here's what you get:

Monthly print newsletter 

Abrasive Entrepreneur's prestigious monthly newsletter with in-depth ad / marketing psych, tests, and other business building and advertising pertinent ramblings.

Master webinar trainings

Every Month Shane Hunter will be hosting a Members Only Webinar where he will dive into his proprietary strategies he uses when advertising in any niche.  Considering he's charge up to $5000+ per consultation in the past, this webinar alone is well worth the monthly price to be apart of his Abrasive Entrepreneur Monthly Membership.

Master Swipe Files

A Master Swipe file of Ads Shane deem abrasive and awesome -- and commentary from Shane about what makes the Ads so good, what could be improved, and how the principles can be applied to other ads and niches.

Q&A Webinar once per month

Each month we'll gather Q's ahead of time then do a webinar covering the q's that matter most.  (Webinar is done as a FB Live session.)

Hotseats / Critiques As People Post In The Group

What could be better than having one of the internet's Best Abrasive Marketers rip apart and show you how to advertise online better?  I mean seriously -- Shane's Consulted for Clients like Frank Kern, Greg Gomez III, Ray Higden, and big time corporations -- and has helped them make a nice sum for his services.  Now you get to have a chance at at getting a hotseat, (which btw will also be showcased to many other businesses for many years to come).  It's a no brainer! 

Micro trainings

Need some help setting up ad accounts on FB, Twitter, Google, Bing etc?  We have basic How-to's for setting up accounts and running your first ads!

A powerful Facebook group / Member Only Forum

A place for a community to grow -- share issues and problem solve as a group.  

What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Shane's a Mother F#ing boss!

If you've ever wanted the fastest route to success -- Shane's a guy who can guide you there.  Having personally built 10 6 figure+ businesses in the last few years, he's one of those few people who really know what needs to happen to get things moving for your business.

Annonymous (lifecoach/entertainer/author/musician)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

The fact of the matter is this...

The Abrasive Entrepreneur products are the real deal.  No fluff, no beating around the bush.  If you are serious and committed, and are tired of so many programs that don't get good results, stop searching, make a commitment to go through all of the members content, buy the Abrasive Consultations, get as many months of membership back access as you possibly can.  There literally isn't a faster way online I've found to launching yourself into success.

Annonymous (Online marketer with social media focus/branding and ad strategist)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

My Story...

I was tired of all the typical "Guru's" fluff & stuff that was quite frankly a waste of time.  After just 1 month of applying what I learned from the Abrasive Monthly Membership, I had my first breakthrough in my business!  OMG, yes, in less than a month the content helped me do something many other Guru's and more expensive programs and courses didn't do for me.  Get access now -- that's all I can say, stop wasting time and money and learn from a true master.

Anonymous (Blog/web designer/photographer)

Are These Right For You?

Our products, membership, and the like aren't just for anyone.  Below we share who this is for, and who it isn't.


  • Those Serious & Committed To Success
  • Those Tired of wasting time and $$ on Ad Strategies that are Sub-Par at best.
  • Those who are willing and able to actually put what Shane Share's to Practice -- Knowledge is worthless if it isn't applied.


  • Shiny Object Syndrome Sufferer's
  • Those who need a Money-back Guarantee
  • Those who lack Spine & the willingness to stir the Pot online.
  • Those who think what they are doing is fine -- (even though they don't have a positive ROI with their advertising) 
Attention:  We do not offer a Guarantee ON ANYTHING and In NO WAY, SHAPE or FORM, refund Any purchases... EVER!

If you purchase a product from Abrasive Entrepreneur -- You can be sure as shi# that we have poured the adequate value in the product.  We don't offer a Guarantee because our experience has shown that by doing so it usually hurts ROI, creates headaches by attracting the wrong crowd and usually detracts attention from business building activities (such as create more awesome content for people).  If you don't understand this, or agree with it -- then quite frankly -- don't buy.  


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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One last thing...

Let me Add the Extra to your ordinary.