Abrasive Advertising


Today, you take the first true steps towards the mastery of advertising, list-building, and making a STUPID amount of money from internet marketing. IF you listen. IF you do the work. IF you take me up on this offer... Then I'm here to tell you... You can succeed!

Some of my industry friends say, I've become like the secluded, wise, white-bearded, wrinkly-ass skinned master on the mountaintop.

You've heard or seen my name mentioned by either a friend, family member, or somebody else you trust.

Or perhaps you saw one of my ads, joined my list, and have been hanging out with me online and consuming the content I've put out for you...

...either way? You have sought out the best, and that journey comes to a close today. For today is a new beginning. Today will require a little bit of courage, so you must be brave.


Because my friend, CONFIDENCE is the first step towards immediate, satisfying, & gratifying success!

Today, I further your understanding of list building, advertising, and internet marketing, and take your skills to new levels that I doubt very much you even knew possible.

I've created a system that works every time, for everyone and anyone - EVEN if you're stranded on your actual 'death bed', crippled with pain so bad that you're able to work for at maximum, one hour or less per day for months at a time.

What if something bad happens to you? What if you got sick, or were injured? Would you still be good? Could you still run your company? Would you be safe? Probably not.

Wouldn't you like to know you're safe? That you're "good", no matter what happens? What if I told you that you could also be FREE from a lot of obligations?

FREE from judgement?

FREE from expectations?

Free from debt?

Free from being broke?

FREE from fighting about money?

This is where All Of Your Best Excuses Have Finally Come To Die...

The Abrasive Advertising MasterClass allows anyone to succeed - no matter how much crazy shit is happening in your life, no matter how bad things may seem, or how bleak your outlook may have recently become? I've got you!

No matter the excuses you could use for not succeeding... Do not use them. Not even one.

For I promise you... This is the answer you've been looking for.

I've just had the roughest 2 years of my life, being physically handicapped by pain... I've been so sick I've spent full days hugging toilets... My wife was hospitalized... It's been - by all measures - the worst year or 2 of my life.

But I kept it positive...

Then, I still found a way, in BOTH of these last two years to clear six figures in NET income each year, and even took 3 months off this year to finally recover, and for a bucket-list, dream road-trip vacation with my wife and our wild mustang horses (and my black lab named "Maybe")!!!

Despite the worst year of my life in nearly every way imaginable, I still found success.

I still made enough money to live free in the life I want, surrounded by the people I want to be surrounded by.


How Bad Do You Secretly Wish For Any Of The Following?

  • More time for people and activities you love

  • Perfect clients and customers
    (That happily pay large bucks, without needing to “Think about it” or to "Pay Later")

  • To build a powerful brand

  • To build a profitable and highly responsive email marketing list

  • To cultivate a commanding, powerful, and highly influential social media presence.

  • To make more money, working less time, with better quality clients or customers each and every month

  • To be able to create new ad campaigns on the fly for new and old products, and services

  • Stir up a passionate response, and massive buyer frenzy each and every time you advertise

  • Make a real difference and create massive ROI for yourself, your clients, and your customers

  • No more feeling fake, or like you're a soon-to-be-discovered, no-talent hack

  • Feel like you belong, and like you are worth infinitely more than you charge
    (even though you'll soon be able to charge a fortune and STILL feel this way! Crazy, right!?!)



  • The 13 Fundamental Abrasive Entrepreneurs Newsletters - these teach you how to master Abrasive Advertising and list building [A $3900 Value]


  • 1 Copy of "The Final Fight" book by The Abrasive Entrepreneur: Shane Hunter. Masters the mindset needed to become a successful advertiser or marketer. {A $25 Value]
  • 23 Abrasive Consultation "Over The Shoulder" Videos - discover every marketing problem and solution you never knew you had. Over 23 hours of profit boosting video & audio material from start to finish. Comes in video and audio format. [A $1500 Value]
  • The Vault Content - Over 1,000+ pages of the best information in online advertising, list-building, and internet marketing. A-level marketing & advertising training videos & webinars. Basically everything you missed in the group during our first year, packaged up - and sent your way in entertaining, and often hilarious manner - True Edutainment. [A $10,000 Value]

A Lo-Fi Sample Vault Video:

  • The #LegendsTable Launch Video - How I put together a $60,000 affiliate push, using other peoples email lists, a bunch of free bonuses to promote a mediocre offer to extraordinary heights - in just 3 days time. BTW, I did so in a way that ANYONE can copy! [A $500 Value]

  • Exclusive VIP Membership & Access To The Abrasive Entrepreneurs Network & Facebook Group - chat it up with a fully-vetted A-list cornucopia of internet marketers, copywriters and multi-millionaire business owners. Form alliances, and support networks with fellow Abrasive Advertising trainees. Best of all? Ask me questions - any time, day or night, and be prepared for the experts to help push you to the very top! [A $3600 Yearly Value]

  • Monthly Newsletter Subscription - special premium membership pricing of only $150 / month (stay a group member for as long as you remain subscribed. Cancel any time.) [A $3600 Savings!]

  • 2 - 30 Minute LIVE Skype Consultations with The Abrasive Entrepreneur: Shane Hunter - Considered by many: most powerful strategy & review session in IM today. [A $2,000 Value]
  • The Abrasive Swipe File: Detailed Access To My Most Successful Ads. See the copy, the images, and SWIPE IT ALL!!! [A PRICELESS Value!]

Businesses have doubled in size After Observing These Abrasive Consultations, what Is your BUSINESS capable of, With My Guidance? 

Allow me to answer your questions, and show you your options, guiding you to the best answers for the easiest most efficient success you've ever achieved.

That's over $25,000+ of real-world "paid by many happy entrepreneurial customers" value; customized and refined, in ways that fast track your success in as efficient a way as possible. Awesome!

If you were to go out and purchase all of these items from me separately, it would cost you just over $25,000.

Not today.

In fact, today - I don't even want half of that - and I’ll tell you why in a moment…

A detailed review of exactly what we cover in the inaugural 13 issues of The Abrasive Entrepreneurs Newsletter follows below...

What do The 13 Fundamental Newsletters Cover Exactly?

001: Be More Specific: (All About Targeting)

  • How To Niche (Narrow Down) Your Targeting For More Profit
  • Create An Ideal Customer Avatar That Becomes The Perfect Customer / Client
  • Use Target (Demo/Psycho/Geo)Graphics To Hone In The Right Customer, Every Time!
  • Learn How To Get To Know Your Customers Without Ever Meeting Them In Person

    002: The Rock, Andy Kaufmann, & David Bowie
    (Abrasive Positioning)
  • Pushing The Envelope To Captivate Attention
  • Know Your Audience: Create Profits, Avoid Headaches From Bitchy Customers.
  • Know How To Push All The Right Emotional Trigger Buttons, And How To Avoid The Wrong Ones!

003: PASAIDA: Success Formulas For Advertising & Marketing

  • Surefire Copywriting Formulas For Sales Pages, Opt-In Pages, And Ads!
  • Mastering The P.A.S. Formula = $$$
  • Mastering The A.I.D.A. Formula = Even More $$$
  • How I Make Every "Abrasive" Ad Uniquely Awesome, Recognizable, And "Standout"
  • How To: Abrasive Lead Magnets That Bring In Top Tier, Indoctrinated & Conditioned Customers

004: Open Loops

  • What Is An Open Loop, A Breakdown That Keeps Folks Reading
  • Examples Of Open Loops In The Media
  • How To Use An Open Loop In Your Advertising, Marketing, & Content...
  • Symbolic Treatment Of Words & Images.
  • Pavlovian Conditioning & How To Use It In Your List-Building Efforts To Make Your Customers Salivate At The Very Thought Of Your New Products, Services, & Offerings...
  • NLP Inception: How To Use Abrasive Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) In Your Ads & Marketing For Maximum Profit & Exposure

005: The Abrasive Voice

  • What is Voice, why is it important To Your Position In the Marketplace?
  • How to find your Abrasive Voice To Leapfrog your Competition, And Become The Market Leader
  • How to use your Abrasive Voice for good! Help more people and more causes: feel good about your contributions
  • Get rich online secret system. yep, for real - this shit works.
  • Notes on imagery, positioning, & PR
  • Emotional Origami
  • The Power of Benefits in Copy
  • Consistency, Understanding, & Influence
  • Observe, Experiment, Record, Refine
  • Sense Of Urgency
  • Balancing Style, Tone, & Voice
  • "Smooth Pressure"
  • A great voice demands even greater sight / vision

006: It's #Science, Bitch!

  • Using the scientific method in your biz: especially in your advertising & marketing
  • Split testing: meticulous, consistent, & precise.
  • Change only one variable at a time
  • Stacking positive test results for extra profit
  • Record your results data EVERY time.
  • Keep test successes, revert to original on test failures
  • Test Results = Proof, and proof is strong foundation to build a business upon
  • Hypothesis> Test> Keep Or Drop> Repeat
  • When you convert failure to a metric (as opposed to a final destination), it can actually improve success!
  • Aim to fail and you will succeed
  • How to PROPERLY record your data
  • Why you should Test headlines, images, and targeting first
  • Keep copy precise & minimal
  • Why Images must add to emotional strength of ads
  • Avoid being boring
  • Use headlines & images to break up large walls of text and make them more desirably consumable
  • Using heatmaps for testing visitor flow & increasing profits FAST
  • Test everything, stack results, record failures, learn, edit, profit, repeat.

007: Lazy Bastard Case Study

  • Break down of my 80% opt-in rate project
  • Important aspects of FB ads that most forget
  • Abrasive Ad copy breakdown
  • Repulsion Vs. Attraction marketing
  • Retargeting Usage
  • Proof: Social & Otherwise, boosting profits on the daily.
  • Comedy in copy
  • Raising emotional energy
  • Email Formula: Story, Segue, Offer

    008: Curiosity & Progressing Readers Through Your Copy

  • Know, like, & trust your way to heaping piles of cash
  • Always aim to get them wanting to read the next sentence.
  • Empathetic interaction
  • Headline, Hook, Compelling Content
  • Congruency
  • 1 Use USP
  • Headline breakdown
  • open loops
  • Intrinsic value
  • "Cool Interest": Be fascinating, become desirable, and enjoyable.
  • Make it pay for your audience & customers to engage with you.

    009: My Personal Favorite List Building Method

  • The Secret of Abrasive Retarget Chains
  • The art of something called, the loopback, and how it can generate you infinite more $$$.

    010: The Angry Rooster Method

  • Gradual process to get what you want
  • Micro-transactions
  • Micro-commitments
  • Positioning
  • Balance
  • Negotiating

    011: Bullets with Butterfly Wings

  • How to write effective bullets that actually sell
  • Ways to think up new bullets
  • Why bullets work better

    012: The #DeflateGate of Big Ideas

  • How to come up with ideas so big, they'll think you've had implants. lol
  • 7 easy methods come up with great big ideas, fast!
  • what is a big idea, and why is it so damned important
  • What makes up a great big idea

    013: He Came, He Saw, He Conquered

  • Abrasive Personality Profile on Donald Trump
  • What Abrasive Traits Does Trump Have?
  • How can we apply these lessons from Trump's Abrasiveness to our own business?

As you can see - we cover a LOT, but don't be scared or worried.

They're all highly entertaining reads, absolutely FILLED  to the brim with money-making, actionable strategies you can immediately implement to make more cash, faster!

Which leads me to the next item I'd like to discuss. The Abrasive Consultation Videos are the most powerful videos I've ever put out. So if you're asking, "What Do They Give Me?" - That's a great question!

Here comes a brief list of some of the topics we cover in these consults:

What Do The Abrasive Consultations Cover?

  • What to do when your ad campaigns crash and burn
  • Split testing, Lowering ad spend, Increasing ad results, Improving ad metrics, Targeting and Ad design
  • 3 simple tricks that make old ads new & profitable again
  • How to 10x the profitability on your ads with a few simple tweaks to the exact same ad.
  • Marketing vs. Advertising: Creativity vs. Metrics.
  • Re-targeting & Conversion Pixels.
  • Proprietary "Retarget Chains™": Maximum Profit Vertically Across your Niche
  • Pain Points & Pleasure Triggers in Marketing & Advertising
  • Presell Pages (Stories that sell by driving home pain or pleasure)
  • Gaining rapport with your prospects with a few simple words
  • Why making things simple trumps complicated strategy every time
  • Lookalike audiences & targeting overlapping for premium results
  • Defining your perfect audience with Facebook
  • Attention grabbing imagery and copy
  • Open loops & the power of advertising psychology & hypnosis
  • How to advertise within a niche that is highly regulated (financial industry)
  • Discover just how susceptible your audience is to online advertising
  • Discover how to know what devices your audience uses
  • Why you need to target mobile users, and how to effectively do so
  • Mobile Landing Page Optimization
  • Overcoming technical problems for maximum profit using Google
  • Change "I can't do that!" into "How Can I do that?"
  • Creating curiosity through scarcity of information
  • PAS Problem Agitate Solve formula further broken down for quick & easy, profitable advertising
  • Using NLP to get more opt-ins & sales
  • and much, MUCH more... (over 23+ hours, in fact!)

Sure, there's some overlap between the consults and the newsletters - but it's always covered in new ways. While the overlap is admittedly minimal, there is a specific reason for the overlap! This is the stuff that is REALLY important, and critical to your success. I'd pay attention if I were you, and that goes for any time I take the time to repeat myself. I hate repeating myself, so when I do - it's for a great reason. <- Remember this. It will serve you well in your journey to success.

Everything else I'm giving to you (the bonus stuff) has been given ample description - so instead of boring you with MORE bullets about each specific bonus, I'd rather tell you what you can expect at the end of the day, not only to discover in this MasterClass, but that you can fully expect to master during your time training under The Abrasive Entrepreneur: Shane Hunter & everything offered here today.

What SKILLS Will You Have? (Upon Completion of Training)

You'll be able to Confidently & Successfully:

  • Setup dozens of successful ad campaigns to build top of mind awareness, lead generation, and yes! Even cold traffic sales...
  • Use retargeting in a way that nobody else is using It - that guarantees you a return on investment! Every. Single. Time.
  • Become a dominant personality or brand, powerful enough to get whatever you want, whenever you want it!
  • Turn your competition, trolls, and haters into your biggest sales tools.
  • Know How To Find the right Target audience for any product or service
  • Get the attention of your ideal customer in a crowded, noisy, over advertised-to marketplace.
  • Get viral, organic exposure from regular ole paid ads.
  • you will FINALLY Become a List-Building & Advertising MASTER. Generate leads, sales, and a Lifestyle YOU Desire. No more rules. You decide From Here On out...
  • Become an A-List Advertising Professional
    (Companies have been, and continue to hire ad-pros RIGHT from the Abrasive Entrepreneurs Membership)
  • And tons more Abrasive feats that average men and women are too cowardly to ever perform...

I've failed. I've succeeded.

I've lost more money than most will make in a lifetime.

I've made more money in a month than my family did in an entire year sometimes, while growing up. ...and for the last few years? I've done it all as a "cripple".

Handicapped by 10/10 pain, while lying in my bed - I made The Abrasive Advertising MasterClass work. In my darkest hour, I was able to use this super-simple, step-by-step system to find success, money, and happiness. That's why I can proudly, genuinely, and TRUTHFULLY say, anybody can do what I do. Because, I've designed it that way.

Okay, You Have My Attention. Who Is The Abrasive Entrepreneur?

My name is Shane Hunter, and I am The Abrasive Entrepreneur.

What does that mean to you?

Well, nothing - unless you want to be handed the gift of understanding internet marketing & advertising from a true master, and on a psychological level that most gurus, courses, and schools simply cannot match...

I've been doing internet marketing off and on since 1997 (designing & marketing websites for clients), and have been into advertising since I was 8 years old, when I got my very first gig as a Nike model. (Yep. For real. I WAS a cute kid.)

Over the years, I've created the opportunity to work with some amazing people and companies around the world.

Gurus & Companies I've Worked With/For:

  • Time Warner
  • THR & Associates
  • Ben Settle
  • Frank Kern
  • Dan Meredith
  • Amish Shah
  • Dexter Abraham
  • Ben Adkins
  • Mike Dillard
  • Ray Higdon
  • Diane Hochman
  • Mike Heath
  • Many, Many, more you've both heard of and will never hear of [NDA's & Whatnot.]

Has Shane Done Anything OTHER Than Teach People How To Get Rich By Teaching Folks To Get Rich?

It sounds silly when you first read it or say it out loud - but if you've been watching the Internet Marketing industry for any length of time, like I have, you'll know that this is far too common. A whole pile of gurus with zero real life marketing, advertising, or even business experience. Their only experience is selling people a scheme on how to get rich, by teaching them how to teach others how to get rich. A giant fucking Ponzi scheme led by charlatans.

I despise it, and assure you - that ain't me babe.

See, I've actually been out there in the real world. I do real shit. I make real money. I help real people solve real problems. I deliver premium products and services that keep customers satisfied and coming back for more. I came to the Internet Marketing space to teach, because I genuinely want to help people escape the life I used to have.

I want everyone to be free, and to be happy.

Especially me, my family, friends, customers, clients, and partners...

That's why I bring REAL experience to the table.

Entrepreneurial Exploits Of The Abrasive Entrepreneur:

  • Ranked in ALL major search engines, worldwide #1 as SEO Consultant, SEO, SEO Services, SEO Company, Internet Marketing Consultant, Copywriting, Copywriter & much more for nearly a year during the advent of Google's animal-algorithm updates.
  • Ranked for Payday Loans, Payday Loans Online, as well as hundreds of other terms in the US, UK, & Canada. Eventually - Google developed an algorithm JUST for me and 2 other people. (Holy sh*t!)
  • Built internet marketing divisions for large billion (yep, with a b) dollar corporations,
  • Sold my own stuff both e-commerce and information / transformational products
  • Recruited hundreds into MLM's without EVER picking up the phone
  • Crashed JVZoo's servers with traffic (Geoff & I still have the screenshots of those convos and traffic volumes & sources somewhere)
  • Helped folks get famous by pushing the right kind of traffic
  • Helped my wife grow a thriving business and online brand in an industry that has mostly gone extinct: wild horse training
  • Had dinner with ad execs for Time Warner who wanted to "pick my brain" for their direct response television division
  • Generated 1000's of leads per day in one of the toughest niches, Payday Loans SEO
  • Generated a personal peak $75,000 / month net revenue from ONE website as a lead gen affiliate
  • Created the infamous "Legends Table" launch campaign for Ray Higdon's 3 Minute Expert - doing $60k in 3 days.
  • Won Mike Dillard & Robert Hirsch's affiliate contest "Elevation Income". Helicopter rides. Formula 1 races, box suite. Elevator rides with then governor Rick Perry. Swanky paid hotel suites. Almost dying in a plane crash with your besties? Priceless. Oh, plus like $10k spending money.
  • Much more, but I don't want to make this seem impossible for you. It's doable. Yes, for you too.


Crazy, right?

I've said YES to more experiences in life than 20 average entrepreneurs.

I've failed HARD, and every time, I've used those lessons to grow faster, bigger, and stronger.

I attract only dream customers and clients.

I repel shitty clients. I scare away nightmare clients.

I even have some friends (The Abrasive Entrepreneurs Members) who are fiercely loyal to me and have my back if I'm attacked, or if I'm down and out - they keep me elevated.

Wouldn't it be nice if ALL customers were like that?

I'm never 100% down and out.

Your life can be the same way, and all of your customers will be like that, IF,

you Invest in The Abrasive Advertising MasterClass today.

I've gathered everything you must know to succeed in advertising, internet marketing, and list building into one place.

From the nuts and bolts of your marketing message, the mass appeal of your content, handling syndication, powerful advertising, the power of the Abrasive Personality, Ideal Positioning Branding - and right down to the very intricately nuanced fundamentals behind successful Abrasive Advertising vs just looking like a loud, rude, dumbass.

What you will learn in The Abrasive Advertising MasterClass is why I am able to say what I say, without pissing off the wrong people. This is why I piss off the right people, and make an example out of them to teach everyone in my audience (which continues to grow daily). This is why my competition makes me stronger, and why more people follow me daily.

I write this all in order to show you the raw potential power of this MasterClass.

If I am capable of so much, even under terrible and extreme circumstance - then surely you will be capable of so much more than I am, right? Yes?

Yes, of course you are!!!

Over the past 2 years, I have compiled the following procedures that'll enable you to go from any experience level - from noob to high level intermediate, and transform all the way into a master of internet marketing, advertising, and list-building!

It won't be overnight.

In fact, it takes a lot of work.
It took a ton of mindset change.

1/3 of my customers had what it took to make it through a full year of training with me. The rest, even though they swore they "meant it this time" (yay resolutions!) decided excuses were more important than their success.

But you're not like them, are you?

In a world where typically 1% or less succeed, I've raised that barrier to 33.3% in just one year.

Those who leave are always welcome back, but it will always cost more, the longer you wait. 

You see, I too chose the long and winding pathway to success, but I'm here to tell you that you don't have to, because I've already done the hard work, I've already gone a found the best paths, and I've already gone and created new paths where once there were none. I've made winning substantially easier than ever before, even in a down economy!

I've spent the past two years recording my journeys and their corresponding lessons, and entertaining yet informative stories I've lived along the way...

I've refined my message. I've refined what I teach. 

I've made damn sure that everything packs a punch.

That every angle is covered, that every fundamental is FINALLY explored in as efficient a way as possible.

I take the experiences of the past...

I take the hundreds of thousands spent on courses, seminars, books, video, training & mentorships...

I take Abrasive Advertising, Internet Marketing, & Direct Response & combine them into a unique Abrasive Voice which cannot help but be HEARD and SEEN throughout any industry, great or small, in either macro or niche market, or anything in between.

All because of the right amount of Abrasive Spin.

I take ALL of that old, boring stuff (that still works like magic) and make it fun , interesting, important and entertaining to listen to again. I teach you how to use all of this to your advantage. To make as much as you need to obtain whatever it is that you consider "Freedom".

I'm making direct response great again.

If you want to become an online advertising pro, in as efficient a way that has ever been put together, then you need what I'm offering you today. You need The Abrasive Advertising MasterClass. I want you to join me on this mission of Advertising domination. I want you to embrace the power that is known as Abrasive Advertising.

What is the cost of This Investment?

The price for this massive 2018 pace-setting course known as The Abrasive Advertising MasterClass, isn't going to be the $25,000+ it would normally cost you to acquire each of these, one by one as separate products.

Not even half that, in fact. Hell, not even one quarter of that price.

Only around 10% of that investment is all I'm charging you until I decide to change the price (this year, 2018) to it's final Year 2 Total of $5,000. So right now? STEEP discount...

Why such a
steep discount?

THIS is your last chance to catch up to the Abrasive pack of entrepreneurs who are about to dominate EVERY area of internet marketing, Facebook advertising, and email list-building - leaving everyone who doesn't take me up on this offer far behind, eating the dust of my students as we laugh our way into a more prosperous future.

Choking on our dust.
Hating life.
Falling further behind.
Becoming more depressed by the day that your business sucks...

But I have a feeling that won't be you. Not this time.

Surely not when I tell you that your investment today is only $5,000.

No goofy, gimmicky 7's or 9's in the price.. Just a one-time:


**Please allow up to two weeks for shipping times, as we're still finalizing packaging. Digital assets, shall be delivered within the day, often within minutes.

The cost to immediately and permanently improve your life has never been lower, and will never be this low again.
This is piss or get off the pot moment.
Make or break.

Ride or Die style.
Are you in?

Click The "Add To Cart"
Button Below For Your Next Steps:

Click the "Add To Cart" button above and be taken to the secure checkout page
where all you have to do is enter your regular shipping & payment details
to complete your investment.

PS: Whether or not you join, I'm going to continue helping people just like you, millions upon millions of dollars. The longer you wait, the further you'll fall behind. But you're not going to let that happen, are you now? No sir.

PPS: My customers, my clients, my A-list colleagues and everybody with an opinion has told me that there are two kinds of proof that I should share with you along with this letter - because these two particular pieces of proof outshine anyone else offering list-building, advertising, or internet marketing training. Do you know what those two elements of proof are that everyone wants me to share?

This is where I Stash The PROOF That Reassures Your Skeptical Mind That I Am The Best At What I Do, and That This Training Will Indeed Change Your Life...

1. Social Proof. AKA the Testimonial. I have so many of these things, I don't know where to start, or even which ones to include. I LOVE serving my customers. Living by a philosophy of "A job isn't done until it's done well" has helped me to pick up testimonials from nearly every customer and client I've worked with in the last 5-10 years. So, without further adieu, here are testimonials from past and present customers of The Abrasive Entrepreneur.

Here's What Others' Are Saying About The Abrasive Entrepreneur, Shane Hunter:

2. Proof Of Concept / "Put Up, Or Shut Up" Proof. This is the kind of proof that in my mind is damn near impossible to refute, dispute, or to cast a blind eye upon. This kind of proof SCREAMS out "This is LEGIT! This works! This is what you want!".​

Well, according to my results, as well as my Abrasive Entrepreneurs students (that's soon to be you)  think that the number one most impressive thing is how much better my ads are than any other guru, professor or ad=pro out there. They are OBVIOUS. They stand out, and high above the competition. They create positioning from day one, all while doing a helluva job at direct response sales.

Imagine that - the best of both advertising/marketing worlds. Direct response, measurable results, combined with branding, imaging, and positioning advertising - with all those giant intangible metrics that bring in long-term profit, happiness, and security. The result? Sustainable growth and profitability, from day one and into the future!

That said, here are the ads that have Several industry Insiders talking about Abrasive Advertising:

(Higher Quality Versions Found Inside)

Okay. That's it! That's all there is.

If you're not convinced at this point - there's no helping you yet. You're simply not ready for this level of success.

But if you DO feel ready?

Here's that "Add To Cart" button one more time:

No, thanks. I'd rather fall behind some more...

Click the "Add To Cart" button above and be taken to the secure checkout page where all you have to do is enter your regular details to complete your investment.

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