A $459.92 Case Study & Journey To PPV Success with 50onRed

Hey, I’m about to attempt to add at least 20-50% ROI on a PPV (Pay Per View) advertising campaign using the company 50 on Red (50onred.com). I pissed away a couple of bucks already trying some random stuff that hasn’t panned out yet – but still have a balance of $459.92. As I said, my goal is to get at least a 20% ROI on this money, then reinvest, and try to raise that ROI as much as possible.

I’m using a couple of clickbank products on gambling methods as my ‘products’.

My setup is simple. Doing ‘category’ targeting for 50onred in the “games/gambling” section.

My lander is just a clickable image that leads to an opt-in page. After the opt-in page, I have an offer-wall.

PPV Lander 001

PPV Lander 001

Above you can see an image of the lander. It’s super shitty, but the goal was just to see if traffic was even clicking – or if it’s simply bot traffic.

A bunch of these networks have been accused of running mass amounts of bot traffic – which is fraudulent to say the least.

I’m going to need to set up some better IP tracking and whatnot to see if there is repeat. For now, I’ll just check my traffic logs. That’ll tell me if there are a ton of repeat IP’s. From there, I can see if they’re bots using some Google sleuthing skills I picked up from my SEO days.


For my squeeze page after they click through that lander page, I’m just using ClickFunnels. I really hate using these funnel services, but because I just had spine surgery, and have been in tons of pain, and very sick – I don’t have the mental capacity to continue building everything myself from scratch. So, for ease of use – I’m using ClickFunnels to build my squeeze page and offer wall / thank you page.

I’m using MailChimp as my autoresponder because ClickFunnels makes it damn near impossible to link up with my regular (and far superior) autoresponder Global NPN.

Here’s a shot of my squeeze page:

PPV Squeeze Page 001

Keep in mind, you can click any of the images in this post to see a larger / more readable version.

As you can see, I’m keeping the copy fairly simple and to the point. Anyone can write copy like this, didn’t want to over-complicate or make this into something that isn’t something that anyone could do.

Once they opt-in on this squeeze page the visitor is taken to an offer wall that looks (at the moment) something like this:

PPV OfferWall 001

Basically the idea is – the user can click which ever offer they want to (or possibly more than one) which will increase your earnings substantially according to a bunch of stuff I’ve been reading online (in forums and Q&A sections for PPV specific traffic).

There are also some pixels installed on this page (conversion pixel and cookies to ensure I actually get paid on these offers).

At the end of this, hopefully they results in a sale – but they absolutely result in an opt-in. I’m building a list in every niche that I do PPV advertising with – because then you can hit them up again and again, and sell them stuff more than once. It simply makes more sense and is something I really should’ve done in the past during my SEO days.

I will simply plug in the email autoresponder series’ that are provided by the ClickBank vendors – making this all really easy, and virtually autopilot after the setup stage.

Those followups, I will simply queue one after the other, emailing daily ala: Ben Settle style.

If they unsubscribe, I don’t really care. I’m not trying to build a list of adoring fans – I’m concerned only with profit for this venture. Relentless email followup has proven time and time again to get the sale.


Some initial notes:

After running $11.20 in traffic today to this offer (as structured above) the numbers are not great – but they are a starting point.

The $11.20 has resulted in 291 impressions of the lander page for an average (cost per thousand impressions) of $38.476CPM (we don’t round – because specifics are what make more money in marketing).

This is an average of $0.038CPV (Cost Per View / Impression).

PPV / CPV Stats 50onRed

So, not too shabby – approximately 4 cents per view. We can work with that.

Of those 291 impressions, next we need to find out exactly how many actually clicked the lander image and went on to the squeeze page. Thankfully ClickFunnels makes that really easy.

PPV / CPV ClickFunnels Stats 002

Of the 291 impressions, only 4 people clicked through to the squeeze page (that sucks).

4 / 291 = 0.013745704467354 or 1.37% CTR.

We need this number to be at LEAST 10% before we can consider it even ‘acceptable’.

Good would be 30-40%. Keep in mind – I’ve heard PPV is actually classically horrible for CTR’s and conversions rates.

With the PPV traffic I’ve ran for clients, it’s actually been way better than what others claim as average for PPV / CPV traffic. So, we’ll try to get it to those levels. Fuck the norm.


Now then, of those 4 people who clicked through to the squeeze page – only 1 opted in.

1 / 4 = 0.25 or 25% Opt In Rate.

That’s actually not too bad, but could definitely be better. Since this is our baseline – I’d like to shoot for about 50%.

clickbank conversion stats PPV / CPVThe next number we need to know is our average amount earned per sale.

For the main ClickBank product we’re promoting, that would be $336.70CPA (cost per acquisition).


An average sales percentage is anywhere from 2  – 10%, we’ll go for the low end of 2% to be conservative and to make sure the numbers work out in our favor.


So let’s boil this all down, shall we?
(I will be rounding numbers – to be conservative – though I highly suggest you use EXACT numbers if you’re trying to copy this. Accuracy is key. I’m more of a conservative type of guy – hence the pessimistic, conservative rounding of numbers)

$0.04 / view

A 1.37% CTR

So that would be 1.37 clicks / 100 views.

100 views will cost $0.40

25% of those views will become an opt-in

1.37 / 4 ( or 1.37 x .25) = 0.3425

1 / 0.3425 = 2.9197 units of 100 views to get one full opt-in.

2.9197 x $0.40 (cost per unit of 100 views) = $1.17 / opt-in

If we assume a 2% conversion to sale percentage, that means we need 50 opt-ins to get one sale.

50 x $1.17 = $58.50 COST PER SALE

$336.70 / $58.50 = 5.756 or 575.6% ROI


So basically, this campaign SHOULD be highly successful.

It took 10 minutes to setup (while watching Netflix).

The truly disgusting part is that we can drastically improve a bunch of the numbers in this campaign with very little effort.

The more we improve those numbers, the better profits we’ll see.


..and that kids, is how you (theoretically) set up a successful PPV affiliate campaign. (Let’s see if it pans out how it should)

If you sign up for 50onRed through my affiliate link – you will receive a free $50 bonus when you deposit your initial $500.

(Disclaimer: I too, will receive a bonus $50 as my payment for referring someone to their network)

I wouldn’t suggest you simply copy this campaign, or you’ll drive up prices – and neither of us will make any money.

Find a different niche, a different product, and structure your campaign in a similar styling – and we’ll both make easy-peasy money.

Your pal,

The Abrasive Entrepreneur

[Case Study Continued..]   Follow along with the rest of the case study.. Find out what happens next, as well as all the tips, tricks, hacks and strategies that it takes to make PPV affiliate campaigns highly successful and extremely profitable!